How to Create an SEO strategy for 2019

In case you’re genuinely looking to be ahead of the game, it is definitely not enough to only keep an eye on the latest trends. You should also foresee some of them. However, is it actually possible? The answer is both- yes AND no. The thing is that we cannot foresee what surprises the search engines have for us. Nonetheless, we still can make some guesses as per the latest announcements and taking off the trends. Here’s a list for you:

1. The user experience
It is prominent that Google makes everything for serving the users; hence, it considers many so-called behavioral factors at the time of ranking the websites. Also, it’s obvious that you would want to enhance the conversion rate and increase the time spent on your website. That is why you must make sure that the user is satisfied with your site beginning from the content & finishing with the design. Give attention to such “user experience signals” as:
– Dwell time
– Organic CTR
– Pogo- sticking
– Dwell time

Now how can you enhance these? There are some very critical techniques:
– Use LSI keywords
– Optimize the title and the description tags for better click-through-rate
– Enhance the usability
– Create in-depth content
– Increase the page load speed

In case you are not very aware of the technicalities of all these, you can hire a good SEO agency in Noida which can guide you into it.

2. Mobile first
Now-a-days, about sixty percent of the searches on Google are made from mobile phones. Hence, Google has already rolled out the mobile-first indexing & will be making the web more mobile-friendly in the coming time. Hence, make sure that your website has a responsive design or both desktop as well as mobile versions have equivalent content. You should consider hiring a top SEO company in Noida to help you in creating and maintaining such website.

3. The video content
How many times do you catch yourself watching some fifteen minute video rather than reading a big article? As per the research, video content will take about eighty percent of all the online traffic by the year 2021. Hence, in case you still sleep on the video content, think about it in the year 2019. Combining the video content with the text articles is highly recommended. However, do not forget that YouTube Videos should be SEO- optimized as well. Any good SMO company in Noida can help you in creating the right video content for your company.

4. The voice search
Google voice search is no just about calling any phone number anymore and telling the keywords that you wish to look for as it used to be back in the year 2010. In today’s date, more & more people prefer to use voice queries and commands. The future of the voice search is still not known, however, it will most definitely continue to become more responsive, intelligent and accurate.