Upgrading Your Website? Use 301 Redirection or You Will Be Sorry

Creating and managing 301 redirects have been a core a part of our website style and development comes and that we ought to do things listed for these among every project set up. Website owners and bloggers have had major problems as a result of nobody thought-about or created 301 redirect once websites and blogs were redesigned or updated.

301 redirects are unit vital to SEO and also the usability of your website. They not solely pass Page Rank and your SEO history; they conjointly confirm users aren’t landing on 404 pages and dead ends.

What is a 301 Redirect?

If you wish to vary the address of a page because it is shown in search engine results, Google recommends that you just use a server-side 301 redirect. This can be the most effective way to make sure that users and search engines are directed to the right page.

Common issues with 301

There are a couple of potential issues with implementing a 301 redirect.

First, it would not be potential for you to implement HTTP codes.  Perhaps you don’t have FTP access, or maybe your web designers have told you it isn’t possible. Either way, without server-side access, a 301 merely isn’t an option.

Another potential drawback of the 301 is that it will typically take a jiffy for the search engines to attribute your new page with the search authority of your original page. This all depends on however usually your web site, and also the original page, is crawled by the search engines. This delay means a 301 are some things you never rely on for brief term or last minute campaigns.

Finally, the foremost common drawback is that the 301 being used incorrectly. It’s amazingly common to visualize marketers develop a totally new web site then use a 301 to purpose all the pages of the initial web site to new site’s homepage.

When to Use a 301 redirect

  1. When 301s can’t be enforced, or take an excessive amount of time
  2. Duplicate content however you would like to keep both pages live
  3. Dynamic pages with multiple URLs of one page (from sorting features, tracking options, etc.)
  4. Site-wide concerns like (domain/page/index.html vs. domain/page/ for identical page) will be easier with canonicals
  5. Cross-domain concerns wherever each sites are similar, however ought to stay live

Setting Up 301 Redirects

There are multiple ways to line up 301 redirects. Some are geared towards developers, whereas others are more users friendly and excellent for end users.

Common uses of 301 .htaccess redirect

  1. Redirect individual files on identical domain

A recent file has emotional locations, or the data is currently contained in a very new file.

  1. Redirect associate old domain to a replacement domain

You’ve moved a web site from associate old domain to a replacement one and you would like unspecified links to travel to the new web site.

  1. 3. Force www. version of domain to be used otherwise you will force non www. version of domain to be used

Visitor’s access and link to your web site in multiple ways in which like example.com, and www.example.com and you can set one as the preferred method that your site displays.

  1. Redirect all files with sure extension

You used to have all of your files using an extension like .php and have converted everything to .htm therefore using 301 redirect you can update all links to use the new extension.

Redirection Plug-in for Word Press

If you’re using Word Press, you’ll conjointly use a plug-in like Redirection to set up 301 redirects right from within your dashboard. This plug-in is incredibly intuitive and is simple enough for any web site owner or blogger to use.

WP Engine Dashboard

If you’re using WP Engine hosting, you’ll conjointly use this to line up 301 redirects right among your WP Engine dashboard. The hosting company offers a fast tutorial regarding the 301 method to help in these efforts.

You ought not to be intimidated by 301 redirects. You simply need to take the time to create and load them anytime you delete content, move content, or structure your web site design.

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